My Top 5 Tea Necessities

Tea Necessities

There are some things you just can’t do without, and here are my top 5 for your enjoyment of tea.

Tea Kettle

Doesn’t have to be fancy but I would love an electric temperature controlled one for my tea.

I currently use a cheap-o stove-top model.



Some tea, such as white tea, just doesn’t do well with leafy matter in it.

Other teas such as shu puerh I tend to prefer it.

Strainers can be: stainless steel, bamboo, ceramic, and even silicone.

I currently use half of a tea ball because I’m cheap.

Like this. (links to American Tearoom who also sells strainers)

Cha Hai

Serving pitchers are great for serving multiple people or just to pour tea into so it wont over-steep.

I just use a porcelain pitcher when I need one.

Double Walled Glasses

Keep your fingers burn-free with some good double-walled glasses.

I personally use Bodum Pavina Glasses.

Little Black Teapot

You need a go-to pot, one that’s simple and elegant, like a little black dress.

I have one I found at a second hand store that I fancy, but if you can’t find one there I have some suggestions.


Joy's Little Black Teapot (Click to go to Joy's Teaspoon)


Simple, elegant, and affordable.(Click to go to Samovar Tea)


Thanks for reading 🙂



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